Source code for tcex.logger.trace_logger

"""Trace Logger Class"""
# standard library
import logging
from inspect import getframeinfo, stack

# Create trace logging level
logging.TRACE = logging.DEBUG - 5
logging.addLevelName(logging.TRACE, 'TRACE')

[docs]class TraceLogger(logging.Logger): """Add trace level to logging""" # supports updated call for Python 3.8
[docs] def findCaller( self, stack_info=False, stacklevel=1 ): # pylint: disable=arguments-differ,unused-argument """Find the caller for the current log event. Args: stack_info (bool, optional): Defaults to False. Returns: tuple: The caller stack information. """ caller = None depth = 3 while True: # search for the correct calling method caller = getframeinfo(stack()[depth][0]) if caller.function != 'trace' or depth >= 6: break depth += 1 return (caller.filename, caller.lineno, caller.function, None)
[docs] def trace(self, msg, *args, **kwargs): """Set trace logging level Args: msg (str): The message to be logged. """ self.log(logging.TRACE, msg, *args, **kwargs)